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Another Test Post


This is another test post.
We forgot we even had this blog.

December 20, 2000

Thomas J. Gaukel-Chairman 608-643-4173
John H. Givens-Vice Chair 608-788-3651
Ed Moehrke-Secretary 608-838-8668
Reuben Clark-Treasurer 608-222-4833
Dave Rodriguez-Sgt at Arms 414-447-0272

The last meeting was held on Veterans Day, November 11, 2000, at the Marine Corps League Building, “Fox Hole” Bar, Hwy 51, 3701 South Riverside Drive, Beloit, Wisconsin. There were about 30 members and spouses present. Chairman Marty Nieber called the meeting to order ar 3:15 PM. The meeting was dedicated to the U.S. Marines. The Pledge to our flag and a brief prayer was lead by member Norb Studelska. The BSC secretary read the summary report of the September meeting at Wausau. It was approved by motion. The BSC treasurer reported total of 167 members, of which 39 are “Life” members.

BSC secretary Ed Moehrke, who also serves as our BSC “Airborne Memorial Bridge Committee Chair”, told members about the new Hwy-10 Bridge in Stevens Point. It is now open to traffic, however, the re-installation of the actual 82nd Airborne Memorial Monument Stone will not be installed until June of 2001. The BSC should plan to install a commercial flag pole and provide a number of good quality nylon flags, for the 24 hour a day flying at the memorial. No formal action was taken to acquire the flag pole or flags. A motion was made, and 2nd, to inform the BSC general membership, and solicit donations for a fund to cover the costs.

BSC treasurer Clark reported on a letter received from Mrs. Don Hanson. Don is a long time member of the BSC. He suffered a severe stroke early this past summer. He is now in a Mil-waukee area hospital. A motion was made from the floor, and 2nd by John Givens for the BSC to pay Don’s dues for the 2001 year. Motion passed. Discussion followed about “Military Rites” at veterans funerals. Doc Stolp told about the declining health of member Ben Rous. Ben sends his regards to the membership. Doc also told us about the Southern Wisconsin Chapter member Chilton’s efforts to gain the Medal of Honor for an old soldier. No formal action by the BSC.

Chairman Nieber declared nominations for all 2001 offices are again open. He reported the name of Thomas Gaukel as the only name for BSC Chairman, and John Givens the only name for BSC Vice-Chair and newsletter “editor”. Treasurer Reuben Clark has agreed to continue as the BSC treasurer for 2001. There is not a candidate for the BSC secretary for 2001, but secretary has agreed to help out for the present time, Thank You Ed. There were no further nominations from the floor. The above names were accepted for 2001 by unanimous vote.

The BSC voted by acclamation to select member Norb Studelska to be our BSC Chaplain, and Dave Rodriguez our Sgt. at Arms. Outgoing Chairman Marty Nieber was voted to fill a three year position as our third chapter trustee. The chapter secretary will send a notice of the new officers to the national association office.

Newly elected chairman Tom Gaukel took the floor and told the members about himself. He outlined a few goals that he has in mind. See “Chairman’s Comments” page and the survey page. Tom would like all of our members to fill out the survey and send it to him by January 1,2001.

Member Doc Stolp requested that all members who are on the net, and have an E-Mail address to send it to him at 732-Blue Ridge Ln., Nekossa, Wis. 54457-7329.

Roy Traynor moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:50 PM. Dave Rodriguez 2nd the motion which then passed.

We were the served an excellent dinner by the Marine Corps League Chapter staff. I sent them a Thank-You letter on November 23rd.

Our evening speaker was Bud Rowe, a Korean War Veteran with the 1st Marine Division. He talked about some of his experiences during the war. He was very down to earth, and very interesting. He and his wife joined us for dinner and a drink at the bar after dinner. Our special thanks to him and his wife for joining us.

When: Saturday, January 13,2001
Where: VFW Hall - Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin (see map for directions)
Time: Mtg. 3:00 PM - Dinner 5:00PM
Cost: $11.00 per person (includes tax and tip) Send Treasurer Reuben Clark your check for dinner no later than January 6, 2001 so he will have time to make final arrangements.

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